The DevSecOps team members have been busy sharing with the community and getting involved in spreading the word.   We've recently talked at ISSA, MIRCon and AWS re:invent.  We're storing some of our recent presentations here for you to reference and borrow.  If you've given a talk on DevSecOps and want to share your slides here, please email us. 

Check back often...

2018 Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference (RMISC)

2017 AppSecUSA

2016 GoSec


2016 Rugged DevOps @ RSA

2015 ISACA Ireland: Embracing DevSecOps to support Rugged Innovation at Speed and Scale

2015 DevSecCon London: DevSecOps - The Tao of Security Science

2015 DevSecCon London: Security Innovation @ Speed & Scale via DevSecOps

2015 FireEye Summit

2015 DevOps Summit Talk in NYC


2015 Secure360 Talk

2014 AWS re:Invent Talk

A Throwaway Deck on Cloud Security Essentials 2.0